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The Damned United 2009

The Damned United (2009) ยอดโค้ชยูงทองแข้งบันลือโลก

The Damned United After failing to qualify for the 1974 FIFA World Cup, England manager Alf Ramsey is replaced by Don Revie (Colm Meaney), the highly successful manager of title=”Leeds United A.F.C. “>Leeds United. Revie’s replacement at Leeds is Brian Clough (Michael Sheen), the former manager of title=”Derby County F.C. title=”Derby County F.C. Furthermore, Clough’s long-time assistant, Peter Taylor ( Timothy Spall), has not joined him.

Clough’s conflict with Leeds is shown through the 1968 FA Cup match. The match was between Leeds, the leaders of the First Division [4], and Derby, who were struggling in the Second Division. Clough assumed Revie to be a similar man to himself, as they grew up in the same part of Middlesbrough and both played for title=”Sunderland A.F.C. title=”Sunderland A.F.C. Revie did not recognize Clough upon entering the Baseball Ground on the day of the match. Derby ended up losing 2 -0. [5] Although Clough initially blames the brutality of the Leeds players however, Clough and Taylor acknowledge that their team do not have the best players on a technical basis. They have signed Dave Mackay ( Brian McCardie) and several other young players. The chairman Sam Longson ( Jim Broadbent) is very worried about the investment, as well as the reality that Clough didn’t consult with him before signing Mackay. In 1969, however, Derby are promoted, however, in their first league match against Leeds they lost 5-1. Derby win their first ever League championship in 1972, meaning a European Cup campaign the next year. They go through to the semi-finals against title=”Juventus F.C.”>Juventus. Longson suggested Clough to select his top team against Leeds in the game before the semi-final. It was for the pride and determination to defeat Revie. Both players are injured. Billy Bremner ( Stephen Graham) smiles sarcastically and wishes Clough luck for the semi-final. [6[6]

Taylor is then struck by an heart attack. Clough is determined to keep his job by pledging his and Taylor’s resignations in a protest against the chairman’s refusal to support further signings. Clough however is a strong supporter of the team and angry when directors accept his resignations. Clough is hoping to be reinstated after the protests of Derby supporters raise his hopes. He is also supported by most of his players, but his former teammate Dave Mackay takes over as manager. Derby supporters quickly disengage and Clough has no hope of returning to his position. He and Taylor are then offered jobs at title=”Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. Title=”Brighton and Hove Albion F.C. They are willing to accept the jobs after a paid all-expenses holiday on Majorca. During the vacation that summer, Clough agrees to take control of Leeds after being approached by their representative. [7] Taylor, however, argues the case to remain in Brighton after which, following an argument bitterly, the two go to separate ways.

In the “present” storyline, Clough alienates his players in their first training session. Clough accuses them of cheating to get all their awards and then makes them play a 7-aside game as if they were schoolchildren. Bremner claims that Revie never forced them to participate in this. Clough then reminds them that Revie is not the person responsible for making it happen and threatens severe punishment for anyone who speaks about his previous manager or the methods he used to get him there.

The season starts with a Charity Shield match against FA Cup winners title=”Liverpool F.C. title=”Liverpool F.C. However, the game is marred by the fact that Leeds captain Billy Bremner gets into a fight with Kevin Keegan. Both are sent off, and in turn throw their shirts off and walk off the pitch naked in protest. Leeds are defeated and Bremner is suspended for two months. Leeds will have to begin their new season without their captain. The result is that Leeds have a terrible start to the season and are at risk of being sent to the bottom of the table just one season after having won the title. Following Bremner as well as the team air their grievances with the board, Leeds revokes Clough’s contract after just 44 days. He obliges them to pay an enormous severance package. Clough is willing to make a final appearance to Yorkshire Television but Revie will be there to challenge Clough. This brings the two men face-to-face. Clough declares that Revie is cold-hearted and is ‘fundamentally dishonest’ as both an individual and the manager of his football team. Revie, on the other hand says Clough as rigid as well as “egocentric”. Clough recalls the incident from the 1968 FA Cup, and Revie says he didn’t know who the manager of the rookie team was at the time (a questionable claim given that Revie was well-known for studying each opponent he faced). After the interview, Clough drives down to Brighton to patch things up with Taylor. It involves Clough literally getting on his knees, kneeling at Taylor’s words and then they reconcile. The Damned United HD

The film’s final scene informs the audience that Don Revie “failed” as England manager, and did not return to football in England. He spent the rest of his time in the Middle East where there was a saga of financial management lapses. Brian Clough and Peter Taylor, meanwhile, reunited at the “small, provincial club” title=”Nottingham Forest F.C. Title=”Nottingham Forest F.C. They also won two consecutive European Cups, 1979 and 1980, to surpass both Revie and the time they spent at Derby. The film concludes with the caption “Brian Clough is one of the most successful managers that the England team has ever experienced.”

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